Our team will deliver a video from your special day unlike anyone else. Not only do we go above and beyond to capture your day from multiple camera angles using creative and cinematic filming techniques, but we also make sure that when it is all said done, the edit tells your story in a way that will leave you watching your video over and over again. It will be the kind of keepsake you can look back on and never doubt your investment. We make sure we catch every moment and every detail for you, with packages to meet all your needs. Every Gotham Studios wedding video will be edited by With Love Studios. This special collaboration makes us London's best Wedding team, working together to ensure that every time you look back at your wedding day it captures your heart again and again. 


Emily and Jacob treated us to a surreal location and we couldn't have asked for a nicer day. Scouting the area a week in advance allowed us to be prepared and have some cinematic camera angles in mind that would add those dynamic elements. And a little bit of aerial footage also goes a long way when you have a location like this. 


Ashima and Michael's wedding was a pure delight and offered us lots of great details to capture over the course of a multi-day event, which is typical in the Indian cultures. Since the wedding took place in the financial district of Toronto, proper insurance and permits had to be arranged in advanced so that there weren't any surprises on the day of. Gotham always ensures we have everything covered.