Renovations are in the air!

The last 10 days have been spent renovating and bringing life to our boutique studio in good old London, Ontario. Everyone's been hard at work and since the sign went up from Vision Signs we've been painting, drywalling and flooring away.

We couldn't have done it without the helping hand of our families and friends. We might be able to write and produce short videos, but we aren't the greatest tradesmen. That is why we would like to give a big shout out to everyone who's helped and continues to help in our efforts. A big thank you to our mom's, dad's and our wives who have been slaving away, some even with broken ankles :( BCN flooring, Steve from JRS Plumbing, Vision Signs, the amazing flooring team from the East end Home Depot, and to all of our neighbours that have given us a warm welcome and put up with all the racket and trash. We wouldn't be where we are today! And everyone else, who played a huge part in making Gotham Studios a reality and bringing it to life, you know who you are, thank you!

Keep your eyes peeled as our doors will soon open. Stay tuned SoHo, London's got a new indie production company coming your way to make all the content your heart desires.

Chris working on the lights. 

Chris working on the lights. 

London Ontario's newest Photography and Video Studio in SoHo

The day that we have been anxiously awaiting is here! Today marks the day that we got our sign installed. We have been waiting to get into our new space for months, and everything leading up to it has been well worth it.

We can proudly look up and see our sign and say the hard work has paid off. Maybe we shouldn't even celebrate too soon, as there's still lots of work left to do in our new space. We will have it ready for shoots next week, but there will be fine tuning that will be happing all month. Including a nice garden in the back. In general, the goal was to create an inviting space for brainstorming sessions that can help us work with our clients in bringing their imagination to life with our work, whether they are short promo videos or full featured documentaries. 

Our new location will be much more than a meeting space, it will also serve as a portrait and product photography studio, event venue, and our editing studio. We may not always be around, but if the doors are opened, you're always welcome. If we're not around, we're usually not too far away on location shooting. 

Gotham Studios is proud to be amongst all of its wonderful neighbours in the lovely SoHo area of London, Ontario. 

Our amazing street front sign visible from down Horton Street was made by Vision Signs, thanks John!

Our amazing street front sign visible from down Horton Street was made by Vision Signs, thanks John!

Move With The Beat Dance Competition Teaser

Last weekend we filmed this amazing dance competition called Move With The Beat, and Miles Faber happened to be one of the judges. Check out this short teaser of some of the footage we got. You're going to love it!

Gotham Studios can make a video like this for your dance studio, even if you are outside London, Ontario. Get in touch with us, and we'll capture your dancers showing off their moves. Everything from "indie creation" to photography and video capture. Gotham's got your content needs covered. 

Virtuoso Awards

We are proud to announce that this year Gotham Studios is a gold sponsor of the Virtuoso Awards. For those of you that don't know, the Virtuoso Awards have been recognizing the best in creative strategy and design for 20 years. This year is their 20th anniversary and we decided that it would be best if we began in taking part of recognizing that same excellence. We might be a new name in town, but we also plan on making it a very big year. Supporting our local chapters that share the same values as us is very important to us, and the IABC helps recognize the work that we all do in this industry. 

We also submitted some of our work from last year as an entry and hope to come home with a prize on June 4th. In the meantime you can keep your fingers crossed and think positive thoughts for us. 

At Gotham Studios in London, Ontario, we are indie creators with a passion for photography and motion. If you need content that really grabs attention, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'd love to talk about your business. 

Lynn's Bakery

Last week we had the pleasure of taking photos for one of London's oldest bakeries, Lynn's Bakery located at 2190 Dundas Street, near Veteran Memorials Parkway. They've been baking since the 80's and they sure know their stuff. We photographed over 20 different kinds of breads, dozens of pastries amongst other specialty items. All of them made us drool while shooting, and in the end we created some amazing content for their new up and coming website. We were thrilled with the results, and we are looking forward to working with them again in the near future on a video. 

Here are some shots that will make you drool too.

Hollywood, What are you doing?

Today we are going to take a moment and critique a movie poster we recently saw for a movie on apple trailers. Sure it might be a B movie, but how do you let a mistake like this make it to a movie poster being shown to the world? We scratched our heads bald trying to figure it out too. Just take a look at this? See how the berets are flat and all black, no shadow or light hitting them at all? That's clearly been added post production and we gotta say pretty terribly. So today at Gotham we lower our flags to you, the team at the Entertainment One that really messed this one up. 

A London Directory for Business

While doing some marketing today and looking for London businesses to reach out to we stumbled upon a pretty interesting website to help find local businesses. Some of you may have already heard of it, but if you haven't be sure to check out the London Area Business Directory it's a free website for businesses to list themselves on. Think of it as a yellowpages replacement, and best of all it is no charge to be listed. Also, for those of you looking to increase your SEO, it's a great way to add your website somewhere else that links to you, thus automatically increasing your credibility online. Anyways, just wanted share that little tip with you all.

Can't live with it, can't live without it

It's been our first week operating and we gotta say, it's been a lot of fun so far. We've already done 2 concept pieces for potential clients this week that turned out really well. We'd love to share them with you, and in time we will ;) For now we want to share with you all of our social media channels that we created. You don't realize just how many there are until you start setting them all up, and even then we still don't have them all. We picked ours based on we felt you guys wanted, and if we missed some that are important to you, just let us know in the comments. 

So of course there's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and Google Plus. Just click on them and you will be taken directly to the site. That's where you will be able to see more of what we've been up to and be able to interact with us and our followers, should be fun right? Enjoy!

No blog was published yesterday since we were busy eating chocolate the bunny left behind. 


The Internet Welcomes Gotham Studios

Our first blog post. For those reading this, we hope to see you around for a while, or at least until the end of blogging ;) Gotham Studios has been over four years in the making and today we got to push the “export to web” button, or as we see it, a seed was planted in the garden. We chose the Seed of Life as the image to represent our brand because we feel it is beautiful and it stands behind our vision. Today is only the beginning of something big and beautiful that will grow and develop from our work, our relationships, and our commitments. Our logo also represents the simplicity  that we aim to offer our clients through transparency in our processes, pricing, communication and contracts.  We take great pride in our code of ethics so please give it a read and see if your business and our skills to capture your imagination are able to align. 


So what can you expect?

Over the next few years you can expect to hear from us at least once a week here in our blog. We will also cater to our Facebook , Twitter and YouTube followers soon by creating these channels for your convenience and pleasure. And to those that just want to hear from us a little less often, we will have a monthly newsletter where will offer you a summary of the month and show you nothing but the best, so be sure to subscribe next month when it premieres. For now, you can email us your interest. In any case, expect only to see some of our work and news of what’s going on at Gotham Studios.