Why are We Canada’s Leading Cannabis Photographers?

Canada was the first entire country in the world to accept marijuana’s healing properties and institute a nationwide Medical Marijuana program. Later this year, on October 17th 2018, Canada will be the first entire country to accept Cannabis recreationally as well. This means that our country is about to introduce an entirely new industry, this means huge money in the creation of new products, marketing and content creation. 

Gotham Studios is now working with 2 of Canada’s licensed producers in creating gorgeous cannabis content, that puts us in the lead and we only hope on expanding that list. We are currently involved in:

  • Cannabis flower/bud and strain photography 
  • Investor Material
  • Greenhouse and Facility 
  • Cannabis Lifestyle 
  • Trichome and Macro Cannabis Photography
  • Executive Portraits
  • Product Photography (Bottles, flower, buds, packaging, etc)

We are familiar working in greenhouses and growing facilities across Canada. Our experience with Cannabis runs deep at Gotham Studios and we have ambitions to become one of Canada’s Best Cannabis Content Creators. 

Watch our new Cannabis/Marijuana Promo video highlighting some of our favourite Cannabis content we’ve made over the last year.