Gotham Studios

White Widow - Our Branded Content Short Film

White Widow is versatile short film created by Gotham Studios as a proof of concept to show agencies and companies an alternative to high budget productions. Our short film can take your product/brand and turn into a cinematic short film that will entertain your audience and have them wanting more.

It's designed specifically for web and social platforms and can easily be incorporated into any 360 campaign. We wanted to make it easy for everyone, so we've built this product to be scaleable depending on your needs. Everything included, our content branded short films will start at $10,000/day, and that includes all talent, styling, crew and post production. 

The biggest advantage short films such as this have is that they cost much less than a typical TV commercial production, without the sacrifice of quality. Best of all, they are entertaining and will keep your audience engaged, with a very high chance of sharing. If you're in charge of marketing at your brand or you're a creative director seeking assets for your client, this is the most cost effective way to generate some hype. 



Gotham Studios Sponsors the London Majors

What's 8 feet Tall and 16 feet Wide and Can Be Seen in the London Majors' Outfield?

We've sponsored events such as the Virtuoso Awards, Pillar Non Profit Community Awards, and The Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame event, and today we'd like to announce our sponsorship of the London Majors. When you go to your next game, you shouldn't miss it, it's an 8 foot tall and 16 foot wide banner, the biggest thing we've ever printed! It's out in right field and our logo marks a perfect bullseye for the players to aim for. 

We will be filming a few productions for the London Majors this summer and creating multiple video and photography content assets for them. You may have already seen our first video that we made, if not, be sure to scroll down and give it a watch!

There's no better way to spend a summer day than by catching a baseball game at the worlds oldest baseball diamond. In fact, if you're in SoHo and you drive by our studio and we're not there, we're probably catching a game ourselves. Next week for Father's Day, Sifton Properties are hosting "Pack the Park" and you can get free tickets by visiting THIS SITE. We look forward to seeing you at the game!