Are 360 videos the next BIG THING on Social Media?

A new type of content is becoming popular in the social media world, they're called 360 videos, or as some people call them VR videos.

So what is a 360 video? 360 is referring to 360 degrees, or a full circle and it means that you are watching a video that is capable of showing you the entire field of view in every direction. That's why it is also commonly referred to as a VR video because it emerges the viewer into the environment of the film maker. 

This is about as immersive as content can get! It allows you to look around in every direction and see everything in a room, a field or in some cases even the sky. There are no limits to where these 360 videos will take us.

So why does social media like it so much? A typical video allows you to enjoy it staring at a screen, where as a 36o video allows to grab the screen by the horns! You can move the screen in any and every direction and see what's going on. Not only is this immersive, but it's also interactive. Both qualities that social media is hungry for. You can even take VR videos to the next level but putting your phone inside of a VR headset and be truly immersed in the content. 

360 videos can be used to show off a space, immerse your audience into an event or for investors  to see your facilities without any travel from afar.