Is 2018 the Year of Product Photography and 360 Videos?

It sure seems that way! In 2017 Gotham Studios saw a huge increase for demand in video content. This year we are seeing a large increase in demand for Product Photography. With the economy not getting as bad as people said it would, organizations are still seeing the potential in selling products. With the growth of online sales growing stronger and stronger every year, and with more online buying platforms becoming more popular, even more people are turning to the web to do their shopping. Even local grocery stores are now offering an online buying experience. And that’s the keyword there “experience”. In order for the online shopper they need to be able to a) find your product and b) have a great experience buying it - that means no unanswered questions. What better way to do that than a great looking image of exactly what they’re buying. 

Since Gotham Studios specializes in details, and high impact visuals, it’s a no brainer that London, Toronto and other southwestern Ontario organizations are turning to Gotham Studios to get their products photographed. Our workflow and attention to detail makes it an easy decision for an organistion to go with us vs attempting to do it in house. We can ensure that you will receive exactly what you imagine, in a timely manner and of course looking it’s best.

Here is a cool 360 Product video we did recently and some super glossy containers.

CUBE Packaging.jpg