Yum yum gimme some! Our favourite Food Photography and Video of 2017

2017 was a huge year for food for us. We went from specializing in food to becoming masters of the craft. Our surface collection grew from a dozen surfaces to nearly a hundred. We had over 50 food shoot days in 2017. Ask any photographer and they’ll tell you that’s an incredible milestone to achieve. 2018 has been no different, there just might be bit more video, as it’s tending to be on the rise for social media use.

It’s no longer just food companies that want food content, marijuana / cannabis producers are also using food to showcase their products as food is a common way of enchanting the ingestion of the cannabis oils, or profiling flavonoid and terpenes in the strains.

We’re very proud of our food photography and we couldn’t have done it without the amazing help of our chefs, Josie and Christie from Cork+Board . This collection is our favourites from the food photography we did in 2017-2018. Enjoy! And be sure to ZOOM IN

McCormick Food Collage2.jpeg