How to create Bitcoin and Blockchain Content?

Blockchain brought us a the infamous ledger, a technology that allows us to transmit secure transactions between 2 points with no interference of another party. A technology being used for documents, currency exchange as well as many other formats. At Gotham Studios we like to stay on top of all the latest and greatest, and when it comes to Bitcoin and Blockchain, the question everyone’s asking us is how do you capture something that doesn’t exist physically? Our answer may shock you, but it’s nothing unfamiliar with us. We are often in situations where we need to show something that’s not really there. How do you show fear? Love? Hunger? How do we capture confidence in a person? We are storytellers, and Bitcoin is just that, it’s a story, it’s a lifestyle, it’s about the environment more than anything. Sure we could try to find a golden coin with some circuit boards imprinted on it just like all of the other companies are using to represent the technology, or we can create a moment, a scene, something showing a little more lifestyle that clearly represents the era that we are living in. A time of of disrupt, a time of change, a time of revolution. This is what the technology means to us and this is how we plan on capturing it.