Branded Content... It's been around since 1937!

The time is 1937 and one parent was usually staying at home raising the kids, looking after the home, and missing out on the world of advertising, therefore not being influenced. So what did media do back then? They created something called a “soap opera” and it aired on radio at first before moving to television in the 50’s. The stories had nothing to do with soap, but they were sponsored by soap companies that aired their commercials during breaks. The stories were all interesting dramas that lured viewers in with character development and tense scenarios that kept viewers coming back for more.

Today that audience has evolved, but what hasn’t changed is the way we need to reach an audience that isn’t paying attention. With ad blocking gaining popularity, and cable television soon retiring, brands are struggling to find the right platforms to sell their products.

Some brands are looking into the past to create the future, and there’s something very important we can all learn from soap operas. They were never trying to steal your attention for 30 seconds, they created content that people wanted to watch, literally. Soap operas received what we call today as Fandom. The viewers wanted more, and nearly 80 years later and soap operas are still here.

To all the agencies out there listening. You have the clients, you understand marketing, ad spends, graphic design, branding, and SEO. But what you might not understand is story telling, at least not as well as we do. Here at Gotham Studios we’ve been creating content for the last 5 years and are experts in great stories. Let us help you find the story that works with the brands you’re working with. Let’s work together and create something your brands’ clients will actually WANT to see, instead of being forced to watch. Doesn’t make more sense?

A great example of this is a web series called Carmila. Branded content that got the attention of millions of viewers and is now turning into a feature film. It was created by an agency called Shaftesbury for their client U by Kotex. A show about teenage girls, one of which is a vampire, living together and facing teenager problems. If this doesn’t remind you of the soap opera example above then you’re missing the big point here. The point is standard advertising doesn’t work anymore. Give your audience what they want, something they will search to watch rather than something they will have to wait 5 seconds for to skip.

Take a look at this sizzler for a character by the name of White Widow that we created here at Gotham. Imagine a web series about her that was sponsored by your perfume client, or your sunglasses client. The possibilities are endless, and every client/brand will have one of 12 Brand Personalities, and the content has to align with it. Let us help with you that.