Professional Portraits

Why a Profesional Headshot?

In the business world first impressions are key. You would never show up to an interview, client meeting or networking event not looking your best. So why have low quality, unprofessional images for your LinkedIn profile, company website or business portfolio? Whatever your business, chances are that the majority of your web traffic is viewing you online beforehand. A professional portrait indicates that you take yourself and your work seriously, and will, in turn, cause others to take you seriously. This investment can,

  • Give you credibility
  • Allow you to showcase your best self
  • Leave positive first impressions 

Why Hire a Photographer?

As with everything, you get what you pay for. Using a professional to take your portrait gives you the quality and impact you’ll need. A photographer has the equipment and technical knowledge necessary to make your photo optimized for your business, such as

  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Increasing time spent on your website
  • Immediate ROI

Our Studio Comes to You

Here at Gotham, we specialize in corporate headshot photography. We can ensure beautiful images representing your brand and personality. What makes us special is our attention to the details. Perfect lighting, expert editing, and adept eyes allow us to produce superior portraits. At Gotham Studios we pride ourselves on professionalism. Whether or not you consider yourself photogenic, we make our customers feel great under the camera. We offer,

  • Wide assortment of coloured backdrops
  • Online proof sheets
  • Professional retouching so you look your best!