Part 3: A Guide to your Content Marketing

Plan to Place:

Have a communication and content schedule prior to the launch of your campaign. Looking at the data you gathered on your target audience, determine the best ways to reach them. Typically, this could be through blogs, community forums, or social media.

When drafting your content campaign consider the following:

  1. Post to your Social Accounts: The days prior announce to your following of the new, amazing content you are about to release. Ensure these posts build hype, and try to craft them to encourage new following. After publishing your content ensure that it is viral worthy. Include prominent share buttons, popular hashatgs, or ask your online influencers to share.
  2. Send a Newsletter to your email list: Notify your email subscribers of your published content. Don’t just send a quick message, but put some thought into it. Use appeals in your subject line, emphasize words with capitals, write a short and sweet blurb, and include calls to actions.
  3. Blog about it: Leverage your Blog! Your blog is an excellent means of getting people to return to your website, as long as you continue to update it with great new content.

You may also consider the following for paid marketing strategies to promote your content, such as

  1. Advertising in Social Media: Depending on where your audience is congregated you can create split ad campaigns in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. identifying which ads are performing the best. Also, based on the performance and popularity of posts, you may consider paid boosting.
  2. Native Advertising: Consider submitting your work to online advertorials who will how promote your content to their readers and following.