Hey London! We think you NEED a NEW Portrait!

Today marks a special day for Gotham Studios, we're taking our boutique photography studio and stepping it up a notch. Starting today we are offering a new line of portrait package products to make it nice and easy for everyone. It also makes it easy for you to buy one as a gift for a friend of family member whom you know needs, or maybe even deserves an amazing portrait. 

To start things off we are launching with 3 Studio Products Portrait Packages. 

  • Toddler Portraits for any new parent capture their little one in a timeless way that they hang on the wall, print, make phonebooks of or simply display in their photo frame. They make excellent alternative baby shower gifts for someone who's looking to get something different, something that won't be donated later on. 
  • Social Media Online Profile Portraits for any professional or executive. They're great for your LinkedIn profile or even Facebook. Get rid of that selfie and upgrade to something really special. Make all your coworkers jealous when you show them your new headshot. 
  • Fitness Portraits are amazing for all those people who've worked so hard at getting that great looking body. The body that deserves a lot more than a selfie! If you know someone like this, or are someone like this, this is the moment that you've been waiting for. Book your studio session today.

So there you have it folks. 3 New Products to make everything easier. For a LIMITED TIME we are giving away HUGE discounts on all three of them to promote the launch of the campaign. So pick one and come visit us in our convenient SoHo Studio location or at our new downtown location on Dundas and Richmond.