LinkedIn Professional Portraits

You probably have a LinkedIn profile, everyone does. But not everyone looks their best. The value of having a professional looking portrait on LinkedIn is more important than you'd think. People are checking you out on there everyday, and if you are a part of a professional organization you have to look your best, there are no excuses. If you don't believe, just ask the folks at Photo Feeler. They have invested a lot of research and found that a professional head shot gets you hired and promoted faster. Not only that, but it also casts a professional light on the organization that you work for. 

A professional portrait doesn't have to be boring, it can be fun too. At our small boutique studio located in SoHo London, we take head shots to a whole new level. There's a lot of diversity in portraits, and it can all depend on what you do, who you are and how you like to dress. Usually we like to talk to our clients before hand a learn a little bit about them. This helps us all choose a style together that will be both effective and beautiful. 

If you're curious, call us. It's time to take down that selfie and upload something fresh and beautiful. We are looking forward to meeting with you. 519-679-4895 - mention this blog post and we will take 10% off.