The Passion Project

Gotham Studios has had an amazing year this year, and the only way that we could make it better was to finally take some time to ourselves and film a passion project, one that we've been envisioning for over a year. It all started when a friend of ours purchased a supercar, an Aston Martin DB9 last year. We got a small window of opportunity between other commercial projects this month and challenged ourselves to see what we could make in one day. With the help of a great team, great weather and amazing talent we managed to pull it off. That means that in the next month or two we will present White Widow, a short film about a classy and sexy spy that needs to keep a very important package safe. Keep your eyes peeled this winter for more details. 

A huge thanks goes out to everyone involved that made this all possible. In no particular order, thank you to:

Sifton Properties for letting us use One London Place

Hangar9 for a fabulous wardrobe for our star

Black Friars Salon for the best looking French Manicure and Pedicure in town

The Spectacle Company for letting us use the hottest pair of Fendi shades we have seen. 

La Senza at White Oaks Malls for everything that you don't see ;)

The St. Thomas Municipal Airport for being great sports and letting us film on the taxi ways.

Rick Spencer, London's premier hair stylist for giving everyone some sweet dos. 

Catherine Krahn Makeup Artistry for doing a fantastic job on makeup. 

Barry MacKenzie, the stunt driver, lingerie pro, and lighting expert. You the man Barry!

The Station Park Inn for letting us use their sweet downtown hotel.

Joshua Fairweather for providing us with the wardrobe for our villain and making him look super sharp. 

Lyndsie Brandt, you rocked it! We're going to make you famous!

Josh Medina, you make a really good villain! Let's get you casted in more projects. 

Jesse Hopps from Demand Metric for letting us use his sweet ride, the DB9

And last but not least, our 2 amazing staff Kaila and Dan. You are both wonderful. Kaila, your work is about to begin ;)

We couldn't have done it with out everyone's support! You are all amazing and you helped us bring our vision to life. We hope that it leads to more projects that we can all work together on, as we make a great team.