The Internet Welcomes Gotham Studios

Our first blog post. For those reading this, we hope to see you around for a while, or at least until the end of blogging ;) Gotham Studios has been over four years in the making and today we got to push the “export to web” button, or as we see it, a seed was planted in the garden. We chose the Seed of Life as the image to represent our brand because we feel it is beautiful and it stands behind our vision. Today is only the beginning of something big and beautiful that will grow and develop from our work, our relationships, and our commitments. Our logo also represents the simplicity  that we aim to offer our clients through transparency in our processes, pricing, communication and contracts.  We take great pride in our code of ethics so please give it a read and see if your business and our skills to capture your imagination are able to align. 


So what can you expect?

Over the next few years you can expect to hear from us at least once a week here in our blog. We will also cater to our Facebook , Twitter and YouTube followers soon by creating these channels for your convenience and pleasure. And to those that just want to hear from us a little less often, we will have a monthly newsletter where will offer you a summary of the month and show you nothing but the best, so be sure to subscribe next month when it premieres. For now, you can email us your interest. In any case, expect only to see some of our work and news of what’s going on at Gotham Studios.