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Gotham Studios is a group of indie creators that work from a small boutique studio located at 316 Horton Street in the SoHo district in beautiful London, Canada.  We are in the office Monday through Friday and always get back to you as soon as we can. Best way to reach us is by email at or by phone at

519 679 4895


Dear clients…

If you like what you see but are simply a little nervous about reaching out to us, let us assure you, we’re human just like you. You have your gifts and skills, we have ours, but one quality we definitely both share is the need to get your audience to see and feel the big “Why”. The “why are you in business?” You probably know it, but does your customer? I bet that you can do a pretty good job telling us, right?  So don’t worry, join us in conversation and we will help you get your message out to your audience and clarify that big “Why” for you.  Don’t be shy.


Work with Gotham

Gotham Studios is always seeking aspiring photographers ready for assignments around the world, and locally.  Please send us your portfolio to

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